I was able to try some of this ammo from AmmoForSale.com and was quite pleased.

I’ve always had luck with Fiocchi in .223 and most other calibers, but I hadn’t tried this particular type before now.

(Sorry the pics suck)

It comes in a 50 round sealed can, with a dessicant.

It functioned flawlessly in my AR15’s. I kind of expected that. However, it was pretty accurate in my 20″ AR15 as well.

Here is the pic of one of our 5 shot groups at 100 yards and a 10-15mph wind. I was impressed.

Unfortunately I was unable to chrono this ammo, but Fiocchi lists it at 3240fps (I assume this is with a 20″ barrel).

50 rounds is a fairly small sample, however, given my experience with Fiocchi in general along with this test of their new line of ammo, I feel confident recommending it to others.

This ammo can be found HERE.