Handguns are very popular but still not the most popular firearms you can choose for a successful hunting experience. Even so, if you want to make the most out of such a weapon, it is important to hold it correctly or it will not bring you the benefits you want.

There are several aspects you can consider when holding a handgun and they are all important in order to develop a good shooting technique. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about holding your handgun!

How to hold a handgun for maximum accuracy

Many people think that holding a handgun means basically grabbing the weapon and shooting. But there are far more details to pay attention to if you want to achieve a great level of accuracy.

The grip

It is very important to grab your gun with your dominant hand in order to have more control over it. The dominant shooting hand might not be the same hand you are writing with. So, you want to try out both hands and see which one offers you more control and stability doing your shooting.

The way you hold your handgun should allow you to press the trigger without moving too much so you will not lose sight of your target. This is why stability is crucial in this aspect.

The stance

Your stance is just as important as the rest of the details when it comes to holding a handgun and shooting with it accurately. Your stance should be first of all stable and comfortable so you can focus on the shooting rather than other distractions. The best stance should offer you the best sight of your target as well as recoil resistance and comfortable trigger access.

When it comes to stances, you can choose between different ones such as weaver isosceles or the power point and even find your own favorite stance according to your preferences. There are different variations of these stances but what works for you is what will matter the most ultimately. However, you don’t want to modify the stance you choose to practice on when you are a beginner at shooting. Safety always has to come first and when you are using a weapon it is all about your own safety as well as the safety of others around you that could easily get injured if an accident happens.

For many shooters, the isosceles stance is the most natural one as it requires both hands on the gun and it offers a great stability thanks to the feet kept shoulder-width apart. During this stance, you will have to hold your gun in front of your eyes in a straight way and aim as firm as possible.

The weaver stand that was used first in the 1950s by the Deputy Sheriff of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Jack Weaver is similar to the isosceles stand but it will give you a better visibility. You will hold the gun slightly lower than your eye sight which means this is a stand that you have to practice more before you can master it safely and efficiently. You will keep your feet in a different positon compared to the isosceles stand as well, with the foot on the shooting side facing outward at a degree of 45 degrees. Also, the shooting arm will pull the gun away from your body while the other arm will pull it back to it. This stance is perfect for firing several shots in a row.

The other major shooting stance is the power point. This stance is a one-hand grip and it is not the best one for beginners but once you know how to control it, it could turn out to be very beneficial. It is also a stance you want to know in case you can’t use both hands during shooting. While you hold your gun with your dominant hand, it will help you to tuck your other hand into a fist and close to your chest so you will have a better stability and control.

The Aim

The way you aim is directly connected to your handgun hold as well. While paying attention is definitely the most important aspect when you aim, there are several strategies you can apply in order to get the best results.

It will help you to aim with your dominant eye or the eye you trust the most. This is a very personal preference so you will have to try with each eye at a time and see which one gives you the best accuracy. Also, make sure to align the rear and front sights for best results during shooting. Keep in mind that while it is important to look at your prey or target, you also have to keep your focus on your gun so you can control it the best way possible. The last thing you have to do is select your point of aim and practice your shooting.

What not to do when you hold your handgun

  • It is essential to not wrap your hands one over the other when you hold your handgun.
  • Don’t place the index finger in front of the trigger as you might shoot by accident.
  • Don’t put your thumb from your support hand behind the handgun.
  • Don’t hold your handgun in a way that you don’t have stability or comfort.
  • Don’t hold the handgun with a hand that you can’t rely on.
  • Don’t play with a loaded handgun unless you are planning to shoot with it.

Final thoughts

When you are holding your handgun, you want to pay attention to all these aspects in order to get the best results you want. Some tips will take practice but it is very important to learn the best way from the beginning. It is a lot more difficult to correct a faulty holding technique than it is to learn it the right way from the first time.