Choosing a sight for your handgun can have a significant impact on the performance of your shooting. But you will have to get the best one for your needs in order to make it work for you and not against you.

We put together several options that you might want to look at when you invest in a handgun sight and we will also give you the option for the most simple, inexpensive and standard sight that will work for most handguns. So, keep reading to find everything you need to know about this topic!

Best sights to choose from for your handgun

Handgun sights come in a wide variety and it is almost impossible not to find the one for you. But you might need to try out several sights before you decide which one is ideal for your weapon but also for your shooting style.

The open sights

Open sights are commonly known as iron sights and they tend to be some of the most popular ones as they match most handguns. There are many pistols that come with such a sight already as they are some of the basic sights to use and great for beginners. The standard open sight comes with a front post and a rear notch. Some open sights might come with outlines or dots to help you during the shooting process. There are also handguns that align the rear sights according to windage as well as elevation.

It is important to check the configuration of your handgun as well as the configuration of your open sight as well to make sure they are compatible.

Fiber-optic sights

Fiber-optic sights are great for a little more precision during shooting. These sights will most likely not come along with your handgun so you will have to pick one out yourself. These sights act as a collector of light thanks to the fiber-optic material and they increase the illumination during shooting. These sights are easier to notice than iron sights since they are also brighter. When you choose your fiber-optic sight, you will be able to decide between different colors such as green, red, orange or yellow, according to your preferences. You will also notice that these sights tend to be even brighter in strong light conditions.

Night sights

If you are going to hunt at night or during the evening time, you might want to invest in a night sight. The night sights come with a glowing aiming point that is a lot more visible in the dark. These sights use a technology based on a photoluminescent dye or tritium in order to self-illuminate. During daylight, a night sight will appear white and if you use them at night they develop a green shade that helps you aim a lot easier. The warranty of these sights can be as long as 10 to 12 years in terms of glowing potential. After this timeframe, you will have to replace them as they will get a lot dimmer. There is also a type of night sight that uses fiber-optic and they allow you to have great visibility in any type of lighting conditions.

Micro red dot optics

Red dot optics are also fairly popular and many hunters choose these sights as they are very comfortable to use as well. They got introduced to the market as long gunshots but nowadays, they can work just fine on handguns as well. These sights come with a red dot that only the shooter can see and that can have a great impact on the shooting strategy. Not all handguns are made to be used with a micro red dor optics sight, though. But the weapons that accommodate such sights come with a specific mounting point that is milled on the slide’s rear part. The slide can also be modified in order to make your gun accommodate such a sight if you truly want to use it like that but it is recommended to purchase sights that are already compatible with your weapon.

Laser sights

Laser sights are also projecting sights because they project a laser dot on the target you are shooting at. This dot can be green or red and it will show you exactly what the impact point of your shot will be. These sights come in a wide range of models and they can be mounted in different ways. If you are not used to such a sight, you have to be careful not to block the trajectory of it with your hand or fingers. You might also need extra batteries as one battery for such a sight can last about two hours. You can choose between plain laser sights and light and laser sights.

Which type of firearm sight is simple, inexpensive and standard for most handguns

As you probably guessed, the most simple and inexpensive, standard sight for your handgun is by far the open sight or the iron sight. It helps a lot that some handguns already come with such a sight from the manufacturer so you will not have to invest in the sight separately. Once you get used to the benefits an open sight can bring you, there are many upgrades you can make to try out other types of sights and see which one is best for your shooting style.

Open sights are also ideal for beginner shooters and hunters since they are easy to use and add just the right amount of help you need during shooting. And you might be able to add an open sight on many other weapons besides handguns so feel free to maximize the use of such a product as much as possible.

Final thoughts

Be prepared to go through several sights until you find the one that works best for your handgun and for your shooting style. The more you develop your shooting skills, the more you will want to upgrade the accessories you use during your hunting experiences. Keep in mind that your site should help you increase your chances to reach your target in the conditions you shoot in.