If you are a hunter or you just want to get into this type of hobby, you have to know that safety should be your main concern. This includes both your safety as well as the safety of other people that might be on the same field as you. The clothes you wear play a significant role when it comes to the safety aspect and it is important to be aware of the hunting regulations in your area as well.

Most hunters understand the utility of fluorescent orange clothing during evening or nighttime hunting sessions for obvious reasons. When you hunt in darkness, it is important to make sure that other hunters see you and for that, you need to be visible. An orange fluorescent piece of clothing will help you stand out even when the environment is not generous in terms of natural light.

Why should a hunter wear fluorescent orange clothing during daylight

The confusion appears when hunters find out that they might need to wear fluorescent orange clothing even during daylight. But once we get deeper into the reasoning of this aspect, you will see that such a norm can make perfect sense.

The main reason to wear such clothes during the day is still safety. As a hunter, you want to be visible at all times. There are days that are clouded and the visibility can be severely reduced. Or you might be hunting in a spot that is not so easy to receive sunlight and you will be hidden in the eyes of other hunters. These external factors are difficult and even impossible to evaluate by yourself as you don’t know how visible you will be unless you follow certain norms. And the most important one is to wear fluorescent orange clothing.

There is a logic in wearing orange clothes as well and not some other fluorescent color. Orange is a shade that doesn’t match other shades that could easily be found in nature. It is easy to notice and recognize as being a hunter’s clothing. When a hunter sees orange is like a universal code color and they act with caution.

On the other hand, hunters are required by the legislation to wear orange color clothing in most of the states. So, even if you would like to wear other fluorescent colors, orange is still your only option.

Know that if you choose to ignore this fluorescent orange clothing code as a hunter, you take risks that you should never take because you should never compromise your safety.

It is even recommended for people that are not hunting but go with hunters on the field, to wear such orange fluorescent clothing because they could easily become accidental targets as well.

Can you wear camo with fluorescent, orange clothing?

Some hunters prefer to wear camo exactly to be less visible. But they still have to be visible for other hunters so accidents will be avoided. In this case, you could and actually should wear both the camo and the fluorescent orange clothing. And we will explain why this is a good idea and even an important aspect to consider.

The simple explanation is that many animals are not able to identify the color orange. So, you will still be effectively camoing even if you add an orange vest on top of your clothing. The animals that will see the orange color will just see it as a different shade of brown so you will still remain invisible to them.

Wearing camo is successful because animals tend to ignore patterns and notice uniform shades a lot easier. As a matter of fact, you will notice that your success is significantly bigger if you wear camo as most animals will not notice you.

It depends greatly on the type of hunting you go after when you choose the camo but the fact that you should wear fluorescent orange clothing on top of your camo is independent of the prey you are hunting. Hunters wear orange clothing to protect themselves from other hunters not from other animals.

Should you wear another color as long as it is fluorescent?

As we mentioned before, it is not recommended to wear any other fluorescent colors when you are hunting. First of all, animals might see you a lot easier if you wear another color but orange, especially if you choose a fluorescent material. Second, other hunters might not be familiar with your fluorescent colors and they will not react the same if they see such shades.

And in a third way, most hunting regulations in different states specify clearly that your fluorescent clothing has to be orange and not other shades. So, if you want to go by the legal aspect alone, then orange is your only option when it comes to fluorescent shades.

So for reasons regarding your safety, it is highly recommended to stick to the orange fluorescent shade when you choose your hunting apparel. There are 40 states that require this type of clothing as part of their hunting regulations. And the rest of them don’t specify other color options either so if you want to protect yourself, you will still have to use this shade in order to be completely on the safe side.


Every time you go hunting, make sure to check the regulations in your state and follow them. These regulations might differ from one state to another but you will also find a set of common laws and the ones referring to clothing that is required during hunting usually stay in the common ground. So, use orange, fluorescent color every time you go hunting in order to stay on the safe side. This is the only option in terms of clothing that will be commonly recognized by all hunters. Plus, you are safe from animals that might spot you and chances are that you will be a lot more successful at your hunting experience.