I like to have a stripped lower or two sitting around at any given time and so I was in the hunt for a lower. When I saw that a nearby gunshop, New Frontier Armory, had a deal going, $195 for 3 Aero Precision Lowers, I figured I had to jump on it.

They are made of forged 7075 T6 aluminum.

Originally I had no experience with this brand of lower, but some research on the web turned up some promising news. People liked them and found them to be of good quality.

The lowers have a nice dark black finish, and appear to be within spec with the Stag LPK I used. They are also marked “CAL MULTI”. The purpose of this, as I understand it, is that some states require the upper and lower to “match” in terms of caliber. So, if your lower says .223/5.56 and your upper is a 9mm or anything other than .223/5.56, it could hypothetically cause an issue. No issue with the “CAL MULTI” lower.

The fit with a few of my uppers seems to be very good.

These are made in the same facility that many other brand name lowers are manufactured.

In my opinion, and with my limited experience with them, I feel these are high quality lowers and are priced right.