Thursday, February 16, 2012

Colt AR15 9mm

Hickok45 has some fun with a 9mm Colt AR15 carbine, model 6450. To "like" his facebook page, click here

For more info on 9mm AR15's, check out this link.


TecRsq said...

I have the same model, a Colt 6450 and it is a great little carbine, It serves several purposes admirably.

1. Great bedside carbine, being very light and portable.
2. Shares the same calibers as all my choosen GLOCK semi autos.
3. I can shoot it at indoor ranges while still using an AR platform, due to it being a pistol caliber.
4. My lady loves it and thus, she wants to shoot more often, resulting in more familiarization and more range trips together.
5. Works with many of my other AR accessories.
6. Makes an awesome host for a suppressor and with sub sonic ammo you really only hear the action operating.

and so on, and so on......

Whats not to like?

Big Dennis 1957 said...

I have to fully agree with TecRsq! I purchased a Colt 6450, in December of 2011, and absolutely love shooting that rifle! I have plenty of 9mm pistols, so owning a rifle that uses the same caliber is really nice! My indoor range does not allow rifle calibers, so my 6450 is right at home indoors, as well as outdoors. Half the fun in owning an AR-15 is adding accessories, so I've added lots of goodies to the 6450 as well. 9mm ammo is approximately $9.00 - $10.00, per box of 50, which also allows much more time on the range! I have absolutely nothing not to like about the Colt 6450 and believe it is the highest quality 9mm carbine available.