Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bushmaster ACR Observations

Now that the highly anticipated Bushmaster ACR has been released I thought I would post some links to some people who have gotten theirs and shared their thoughts with us.

When this rifle was first introduced as the Magpul Masada, I thought it had some real potential to dethrone the AR15 as king of battle carbines. It took many of the best concepts behind the AR15 and improved upon them. It would use the same magazines, barrels, and some other parts as well. It was supposed to be lightweight.

In the end, Bushmaster really changed it up, much more than I would have liked. It's not very light at all, it doesn't use AR15 barrels, and the barrel isn't even chrome lined. The barrel is a 1/9 twist as well at a time when all of the high end AR15 manufacturers are going with a 1/7.

If Remington (the owner of Bushmaster) is really pursuing military contracts why would they go with a 1/9 twist and forgo chrome lining?

That said, the true killer for me, and many others was the ridiculous price tag that it ended up with. The MSRP is $2700!

I'd gladly pay $1500 for a Magpul Masada, but I wouldn't even pay that for a Bushmaster ACR. At any rate, some folks have purchased them anyways. Not exactly breaking news, but there's some interesting information and observations made in these threads.

Bushmaster ACR Observations

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