Thursday, January 7, 2010

BCM Upper

Normally, I like to order all of the parts and put them together myself, but I've been wanting a BCM (Bravo Company Manufacturing) upper for some time now. I debated between getting a 14.5" and attaching my own flash hider (like the Phantom 5C2) or simply ordering one with a flash hider already permanently attached. I wasn't going to add rails.

Ultimately I went the easy route and got one with a flash hider already permanently installed, BCM M4 14.5" Upper. These come with an extended "A2" lookalike flash hider called the "A2X" which, when permanently attached, increases the length of the "barrel" to 16.1".

I am eager to test out the effectiveness of this flash hider.

Initial impressions are good. It appears to be everything that it is advertised as being.

Some of the specs include:

-M4 Feedramps
-Milspec 11595E Barrel Steel
-1/7 twist
-5.56, Chrome lined barrel
-HPT/MP Inspected Barrel
-F Marked Front Sight Base

Can't wait to shoot it. These uppers are the best upper you can buy, dollar for dollar in my opinion.

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Redbird said...

I have to thread the barrel of my AR. It came without a flash suppressor. Soes anyone know the common thread size for aftermarket flash suppressors?