Monday, November 30, 2009

Which spare parts to get for my AR15?

Which parts on the AR15 are most common to have issues or breakages that will render your weapon useless?

Here is a list of parts most likely to break that you should keep on hand.

Extractor spring insert, Extractor spring, Cam pin, Trigger Spring, Firing pin, 2 Firing pin retaining pins, Safety detent, Extractor pin, Detent Spring, 3 Gas Rings, Disconnector, Hammer Spring. These should go wherever your rifle goes.

You can buy field repair kits for about $31.00

These spare parts should make sure that you are not out of the fight for long if something minor should break.

I also like to have a spare bolt on hand.

Of course the very best spare is another complete rifle, however, although I own several AR15's, I also have spare parts on hand as well... Just in case.


Drew Rinella said...

You're right: it seems that simply carrying a spare bolt may be the quickest way of getting your rifle back in working condition.

Eric and Libby said...

The bolt would be the easiest, but it is also the costliest as most quality BCG's come in around 100 bucks or more. Just depends on how much cash you have to spare.